Race day instructions

Please find attached important information about the 16k and 46k races. Please read so we can have a great race on Saturday. Any questions – please reach us at: help@begach.com before the race.

We’ve published detailed program on the activities here: https://fest.begach.com/en/program/

Start packages

Packages will be given out today from 14 to 19:00h at Begach Club Office 85 Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi blvd, Sofia It is highly recommended to get your packages if you haven’t already.

By exception (for runners outside Sofia) start packages will be given out on 15.09 from 7:30 to 8:30 in race start zone Pirdop main square.

Your number is . Do remember it to ease registration.



There are slight changes to the GPS tracks. We highly recommend to get the tracks on your smartphone or sports watch to follow your location:

Trail du Balkan 16K

Ultra Trail du Balkan 46K

NB! Route of Trail du Balkan 16k is map distance of 18.71 km and Ultra Trail du Balkan 46K is with map distance of 47.02 km. detail descriptions of the routes and checkpoints can be found here.

Apps you can use to upload the tracks on your smartphone:

For iOS: Maps 3DGPS Hiker

For Android: OruxMapsGPX Viewer


Cutoff times

Ultra Trail du Balkan 46K only

Checkpoint 6: cutoff time 7 hours (16:00 h). In case you’re behind the time, you’ll be propnted to get directly to Pascal hut.

Checkpoint 8 – Svishti Plaz hut – cutoff time – 8 hrs (17:00 h). If you’re behind the cutoff time you’ll be required to use a headlight. If you don’t carry a headlight, you’ll be stopped from further participation of the race.

Checkpoint 9 – Pascal hut – cutoff time 9 hrs (18:00 h). If you reach the hut behind the cutoff time, you’ll be stopped and required to continue down to Pirdop town, or driven later on.

For racers that exit checkpoint after 17h, they’ll be required to turn on their headlights.

Finish – participants must be finished by 19h with 10 hrs of cutoff time



As the race track goes above 2000m, you’ll be checked and required to carry with you on both distances:


  • Jacket with hood and water membrane

  • Bottles for liquids minimum 1 L

  • Phone with fully charged battery

  • Gel and energy bar that we provide with the race package or other own food energy source

  • Folio

  • Whistle


  • Headlight

  • Long-sleeve pants and blouse

  • Emergency kit

NB! We won’t have any cups on the checkpoints – you’re obliged to carry water bottle yourselves!



For runners there’s free transport by Aurubis from Sofia to Pirdop and back on 15.09.

In 6:30 2 busses will leave the parking in front “Vassil Levski” National Stadium to the start of the race in Pirdop town square.

In 8:00 there’s a transport bus from Elensko area fest zone (where the Finish is) to the start of the race in Pirdop.

In 18:30 and 21:00 h there are busses from Elensko fest zone to National stadium Vassil Levski.

In Elensko, there will be place to park and set up tents. Also there will be food to the participants and music in the afternoon with a concert from 19 PM, after the awards ceremony.

Fest Zone

It’s 5.5 km from Pirdop, in “Elensko” area near the Elenska Bazilika (old Roman church). There’s a huge bilboard in the route to Bourgas designating the area.

You can set up camp after 16h on 14.9.

There are toilets and running water.

There won’t be electricity available for camping goers.

Food and drinks will be available in the morning from 16.09.

It is absolutely forbidden to set fire on the camping zone.

Any questions, please ask: help@begach.com

Emergency phone during the race: +359 87 7993315

Start, finish

Start of the race is exactly at 10 AM, on 16th of September in Elensko area near Pirdop. You can get there by car and park at the designated spots. Finish line is at the same spot. Please arrive at least an hour early so you can start normally. Travel from Sofia to Pirdop/Elensko by car takes about 90 minutes.

Start packages

Your start number is . Please remember it so you can ease registration.

If you havent already, do get your start package today (Thursday) from 13 to 19 PM at Begach office in Sofia, 85 Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi blvd. Its accessible via card and metro.

Start packages will be given by exception for bikers from outside of Sofia on Sunday from 8:30 to 9:30.

Start package includes: t-shirt, number, voucher for food, bike bidon and a raw bar.

Taking your package today will save you prescious time before the start.


Emergency phone number is +359 877 99 33 15. Please use it on Sunday only and only in case of emergency.

Obligatory equipment

We require a working mountain bike. Race number on the chest or bike handlebar, working breaks, spare inner tube (or repair liquid), helmet, at least 1 full bidon of water, phone with fully charged battery. Racers lacking any of those will be disqualified.

Race route is 46 kilometer with about 1000 m of accummulated climb. We expect warm weather on sunday, but do consider packing a light jacket.

NB: Parts of the route go via village roads with cars and horse carriages. It’s obligatory to follow the rules of the road (move at the right-most side, single column, having reflective lights and a bell).

Checkpoints, refreshment point

Race track includes 2 checkpoints and 1 refreshment point:

  • The bridge (East) at about 8.5 km, where volunteers will write down your number and point you
  • Borova Gora Hotel (West) at about 33 km, where your number will be written down
  • Please slow down at checkpoints and assist the volunteers to see your number

Checkpoint is in Dushanci Village at the middle of the road (23 km), where you can get Water, bananas, fruit, cola and isotonic drinks.

Race marks

Race is marked with two types of markings:

  • signal red/white stripes on turns and open spaces
  • orrange neon bio-degradable spray with points and arrows on hard surfaces like rocks and asphalt

We highly recommend that you load a GPX track  and follow your location on a smartphone or sports watch.

Safety and respect to other participants

Please follow the law when riding on the streets. The race is amateur and we expect everyone to have a good time and enjoy it. During the race don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do if you’re alone. If you see a participant in need, do help him or her. Do not litter!

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