47 km - Ultra Trail du Balkan - 12 September 2020

Your ultimate balkan experience with 47 km route and almost 3000m climb. You must cross the Balkan Mountain to Momina Skala hut and back. Join the challenge


What is it?

A challenging route with 2 serious climbs, starting from the centre of Pirdop town, going to the top of the balkan range, Kom-Emine route and finishing in the fest zone in Elensko area.

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Total distance: 47.79 km
Max elevation: 2036 m
Min elevation: 678 m
Total climbing: 2976 m
Total descent: -2792 m
Download file: UltraTrailDuBalkan46.gpx

Route description


You start from the town of Pirdop. First checkpoint is 6km from the start at Pascal hut.

Note: You need to cross the railway line. There will be volunteers to guide you, but beware of trains!

From Pascal hut you need to climb to the top of the balkan range, following the winter pole marks.

You reach the top and go east following the Kom-Emine route marks.

The race passes a deserted hut that has water after it.

1.2. km after Mountain hut there’s checkpoint 4. The race turns almost 180 degrees and back to Momina Polyana hut.

The route follows the winter marks to Momina Polyana hyt.

Checkpoint 5 is Momina Polyana hut

After momina polyana the route follows a trail and after 5.5 km there’s a river and a bridge. After the river the route goes left and up in the woods. Exiting into a meadow with a water point.

After the water point, you climb right at the “Morgue” climb where there’s checkpoint 6.

Note: Cutoff time is 7 hours  (16:00 h). If you’re late, you’ll be transported down to Pascal Hut.

The track follows the kom-emine route west, up till checkpoint 7, where turns south and goes to Svishti Plaz hut in 3.2 km.

NOTE: Cutoff time is 8  hours (17:00 h). If you’re late, you’ll be required to show a headlight. Without a headlight, you’ll be transported back to town.

Checkpoint follows the balkan range east to Pascal Hut.

NOTE: cutoff time is 9 hours. If you miss that, you’ll be transported back to Pirdop.

Follow the rope to cross the river. and off you go to the finish point..


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What Else:

Transport to the start

There will be transport from the tent camp to the starting zone in the center of Pirdop.

Tent camp

You can set a tent in the tent camp, which wil be next to the fest zone and the finish.

Fest zone

There will be fun activities which will be announced soon.

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